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The purpose of this form is to enforce policies for events or activities that could possibly result in some degree of harm to persons or in some amount of defacement or damage to public or private property (deemed to be potentially hazardous).


Events may be sponsored by staff, faculty, active registered student organizations (as defined by The Golden Rule) as well as Office of Student Involvement and its agencies. Events sponsored by active registered student organizations (as defined by The Golden Rule) as well as the Office of Student Involvement and its agencies may only be scheduled after the activity has been planned and approved by the Office of Student Involvement. To register an event, a representative of an active registered student organization must complete a Safety Action for Events (SAFE) Approval form, which can be obtained through the Office of Student Involvement. Submission of the completed form begins the process and assists in obtaining special support services such as Police, Facilities Operations, and Insurance Office. If the organization desiring to sponsor an event does not deliver to OSI a signed (by the organization advisor) SAFE form at least 15 calendar days prior to the date of the scheduled event, the organization may be denied use of university facilities and may not be able to conduct the event.


By signature on the final side of this form, applicant agrees to abide by all conditions of University Regulation 4.0292, UCF-4.0292, which are reproduced below and to reimburse the University in advance of the event for all costs of police protection that the University deems necessary.

(1) Scope

(a) This regulation applies to the holding of potentially hazardous events on university controlled property. Excepted from this regulation are official events which are scheduled annually in university publications (classes, orientation, registration, etc.).

(b) The provisions of this regulation are in addition to the provisions of other University regulations and university policies related to campus events. Related regulations include University Regulations UCF-4.029, 4.0293, and 4.0294. Definitions of key terms used in this regulation may be found in University Regulation UCF-4.029.

(c) A potentially hazardous event is defined as any activity that could reasonably be expected to create a risk of harm to persons or of defacement or damage to public or private property. Examples of potentially hazardous events include, but are not limited to: bonfires; lighting of fireworks; events involving helicopters or other aircraft; motor vehicle races; gatherings in excess of 400 persons, including unregistered campus athletic events; marches (including any organized walks or runs); parades; outdoor events involving animals; any event involving the distribution of alcohol; and any event on Memory Mall.

(2) Required Approvals

(a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (1)(a) above, any organization, university department, employee, or student must apply for and secure approval in advance before conducting or publicly announcing intent to conduct a potentially hazardous event on campus. In the case of a university employee, signature of the individual’s supervisor is required in advance.

(b) Applications for approval of a proposed potentially hazardous event shall be made in writing to the Office of Student Involvement using the Safety Action for Event Approval Form (SAFE Form), at least 15 calendar days in advance of the proposed event. For events that are anticipated to require additional time for departmental review (such as events where additional security will be required, where campus streets will need to be closed, or where special arrangements will need to be made to protect university facilities), the university may require the applicant to initiate the SAFE Form approval process sooner. Failure to comply with the SAFE Form submittal deadline is grounds for the university to deny approval for the proposed event. Time limits can be shortened by any University official required to approve the event (see below). The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EH&S), the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), or the UCF Police Department will, upon request, furnish the applicant with blank copies of this form. The form is also available at http://www.safe.sdes.ucf.edu.

(c) Each application shall be accompanied by proof of insurance as specified in subsection (6) below.

(d) The applicant must deliver to the Office of Student Involvement a completed SAFE Form signed by (1) the faculty/staff advisor (if a student organization), an authorized department representative (if a university department or unit), the individual (if an individual), or the representative (if an organization other than a student organization); (2) Fraternity & Sorority Life (if a greek student organization); and (3) the facility/building coordinator (a person who has authority to approve an event at the event location as identified on the application). It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor the progress of the form by contacting OSI staff prior to the event. OSI staff will circulate applications to the following University officials for their information and approval:

  1. UCF Police Department
  2. UCF Landscape & Natural Resources
  3. Facilities Operations
  4. Environmental Health and Safety/Insurance
  5. Office of Student Involvement

After the application has been circulated among the above University officials, the application will be returned to the Office of Student Involvement. The Office of Student Involvement or a designee will advise the applicant of the University’s approval or disapproval of the event, and, if applicable, any conditions.

(3) Cancellation or Termination

(a) Application or approval for conducting a potentially hazardous event may be cancelled by either the applicant or the university upon giving written notice to the other party.

(b) Any event may be terminated at any stage by the University Police Department or any university official whose approval is required for the event if it is determined that the event is not being conducted strictly in accordance with the terms of the approved application, the event is or has become disruptive or unsafe, there are emergency circumstances, or the event is interfering with other events or with university operations. Additionally, an event may be terminated for failure to provide and maintain appropriate insurance, as outlined in paragraph (6).

(4) Applicant’s Responsibility. In addition to securing university approval (on the SAFE Form) to conduct the event, applicants shall be responsible for ensuring:

(a) The event is conducted as described in the approved application including any requirements thereon for clean-up, extra security, etc.

(b) All restrictions placed on the event by the university are followed.

(c) The event does not become disruptive or unsafe.

(d) The event does not interfere with other events or university operations.

(e) All other procedures applicable to campus events are followed (i.e., no damage to property, displays of proper size, etc.).

(5) University Assistance

If facilities and personnel are available, the University may be able to assist applicants by providing security, clean-up crews, etc., at cost. However, there is no assurance that such assistance will be available for any specific event.

(6) Insurance Requirements

(a) All potentially hazardous events must be covered by liability insurance. The University may also require that the applicant make security arrangements for the event. The costs of such insurance or security shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

(b) University organizations acting as applicants shall contact the University’s insurance officer to determine if the current UCF liability coverage provides the required protection or if a special rider must be obtained. Cost of such rider shall be charged to the applying department’s account.

(c) All other applicants must furnish at their own cost appropriate proof of adequate insurance from a company licensed to do business in the State of Florida by the Florida Department of Insurance.

(d) Insurance Requirements. University-related and Non-University organizations must provide with their application a certificate of insurance provided by a company licensed to do business in the State of Florida, indemnifying and holding harmless the University, the Board of Trustees, and the Florida Board of Governors, and their officers and employees, from any and all liability, whatever its nature or description, caused by or resulting from the use or proposed use of the University facilities, in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The applicant must provide with the application a certificate of insurance showing the Board of Trustees as an additional insured.

If changes are made to the event, the organizer must contact the OSI office to report what changes are being made. Even if the form has been approved by all departments, the changes are not approved unless the departments have been notified and accept them.

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