Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that although you may meet some of the criteria under "Not Required," there may be other factors requiring the submission of a SAFE Form.

The requirements listed below are subject to change per university regulation or updates. Organizations not affiliated with UCF will need to submit a SAFE Form. For clarification on whether a SAFE Form is needed or not, please read through this page. If you have further questions, please contact

Where can I find the UCF policy for events?

Please read through policy 4.0292 Potentially Hazardous Events.

What events / details make a SAFE Form "Required"?

  • All events on Memory Mall
  • Distribution of alcohol*
  • Events open to the public (non-UCF faculty, students, and staff)
  • Events where minors will be present (under 18)
  • Food Trucks (must be pre-approved through OSI & EHS—check the full list of approved caterers)
  • Gatherings in excess of 400 persons (including unregistered campus athletic events; marches, including any organized walks or runs)
  • Helicopters or other aircraft
  • Inflatables*
  • Motor vehicle races
  • Non-UCF affiliated artists/performers/speakers (requiring contracts)
  • Open flame (e.g., vigils, bonfires; lighting of fireworks)*
  • Outdoor events involving animals
  • Parades/Trails (a site diagram will need to be provided)
  • Sound amplification
  • Stage set-up (special production, performances, etc.) (A site diagram will need to be provided)
  • Unapproved catering (Unapproved vendors must be reviewed by contacting,

*For clarity on how to obtain additional forms required for any of these circumstances, please visit:

What events / details make a SAFE Form "Not Required"?

For UCF Departments / Offices, Student Government-funded agencies, and Registered Student Organizations, the following may result in an event not requiring a SAFE Form:

  • Approved Catering
  • Certain event locations including:
    • Lake Claire Recreational Area
    • Specific locations at the Recreation and Wellness Center (contact for more information)
    • Some Student Union-managed locations (e.g., Pegasus Ballroom, Key West Ballroom, Cape Florida Ballroom, 2nd and 3rd floor rooms, Live Oak Ballroom, and the Live Oak Cypress Room )
  • Under 400 participants (may require crowd control measures if in Student Union, please contact )

I am unsure if I require UCFPD coverage at my event, will it cost me anything?

For information related to UCFPD support including officer presence for at events held at UCF, visit

What if I am utilizing a tent at my event?

For Tent and Temporary Structure Permit Application, please visit For large tents needing a fire package, please forward a site layout with the locations and sizes of any tent structures > 10x12' to EHS Fire Safety and Diana Kerrison (

Please note:

  • Off-campus tent vendors must provide certificate of insurance for our site and certificates of flame resistance for each tent.

  • Any tents >10x12' with sides or open tents larger than ~20x20' require a “fire package” with exit placards, extinguishers, etc. 

  • The site layout should include any barriers, fences, stages, or other items that could block open egress. 

  • Additional permits and a site inspection will be scheduled as needed depending on the things indicated.  

  • All tent suppliers must provide standard manufacturer connections and supports, duct tape and improvised connection methods are not acceptable and will preclude occupancy.

  • No staking is allowed.

The NFPA 701 Flame Certificate should be included in the paperwork from the manufacture of the tents. The flame certificate describes the type of flame retardant the material has been treated with or if the actual fabric is flame resistant. The certificate confirms the material is registered and approved by testing methods per the National Fire Protection Association, code 701.

What is crowd control / management required for?

Occupants attending events over 250.

What about Guidelines for Outdoor Recreational Fires?

Please visit for the Outdoor Burn Guideline form. Our office will need to meet with a few individuals that you would like to designate as fire control. Those individuals are required to meet and review the Outdoor Burn Guideline, briefly train on actuation of a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers can be signed out at Environmental Health and Safety, Fire Safety office for the event. Please advise who the designees will be and their availability to meet prior to event day. If it is not returned in good condition and was not legitimately used in a fire whoever signed it out will be assessed the $37 replacement charge.

Do I need to submit insurance information for my event?

Follow this link for specific questions regarding forms and/or insurance information requirement for events held at UCF:

My event is outdoors. After my reservation, what do I need to do?

Please upload a map of the exact location your event is taking place.

I am worried about sprinklers going off at my event, what should I do? What if I have trash?

Please include set up and tear down times for each event so we can accommodate. The irrigation sprinkler schedule will be adjusted if you are using a turf area. Be sure to remove trash at the completion of your event.

What if I have trash and recycling needs?

For a request, visit:

What if my event requires special requests electrical power, signage, and/or Housekeeping?

For a request, visit: