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If requested, please provide a valid email address for your Faculty Advisor. They will be required to verify this submission prior to approval.

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Some buildings on campus will require verification from a Building Manager, who will need to verify this submission before approval. This process will be automated.

Event Date(s)
Event Date

If the event being submitted is under the 15 day deadline, please contact in order to review the nature of your event and determine if an extension is permitted. Please note that you may not be guaranteed an approval if the event is over the designated timeline.

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Food and Alcohol Details

If food is to be catered and the establishment is not on the Business Services approved caterers list you will need to provide a certificate of insurance from the vendor.

Servicing of alcohol from a common source or in bulk quantities is prohibited.

You are required to fill out and attach the following form:

Event Cleanup Details
It is the responsibility of the organization to make sure that the space is cleaned, materials recycled, and left in the same condition as it was prior to the event.
Natural Area Usage

Site use permits are required for activities conducted in the natural areas on campus. Applications can be found here.

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Safety Checklist

All questions in this section are required. Please provide additional details and attachments if your answers require them. Failure to do so will impact the approval of your submission.

Will there be an open flame (including candles), bonfire, laser show, fireworks (does not refer to barbecues or cooking)? Sketch may be required. If so, who will be responsible for setting up and taking down? Describe precautions. Proper licensing and insurance will be required for consideration.
Note: Attach a drawing of the layout or sketch
Other than sound and lighting available in the facility, will additional sound system and lighting be needed? Sketch may be required. Describe in detail and who will be responsible for setup and take down. Off campus vendors will be required to provide Certificate of Insurance
Note: Identify who will set up sound and lighting system (describe below)
Does your event include minors that will be under the care, custody and control of your personnel/staff or volunteers? If yes, please follow the steps in this link:
Will temporary bleachers be used (does not refer to permanent bleachers at athletic fields or gyms)? Sketch required. If so, provide information as to who will set up and take down the bleachers. Certificate will be required of off campus entities.
Does your event require electrical needs, sprinkler timer adjustment, trash and recycling, or fountain adjustment? If yes, please follow this link to submit a request:
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.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .jpg, .png

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Terms and Conditions
You must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Safety Action for Event Approval (SAFE) Form in order to submit this form.

By checking the box below, I agree to abide by University regulations, policies, and procedures including University Regulation 4.0292, UCF-4.029 (Potentially Hazardous Events). I also agree to reimburse the University for any cost associated with event including all costs of police protection that the University deems necessary.

If changes are made to the event, I understand that as the organizer I must contact the Office of Student Involvement to report what changes are being made. Even if the form has been approved by all departments, the changes are not approved unless the departments have been notified and accept them.